A-BE-C unites handful of experts for worldwide impact

2015indiasurgeryDid you know more bladder extrophy repair surgeries are performed in January than in any other month of the year?

An international group of specialists convene in India the first of each year perform more than 30 reconstructive surgeries on children, many of whom travel for days to be seen by the team. The intensive experiences and collaborations among the handful of experts in treating this rare condition generate benefits to bladder exstrophy patients worldwide.

The “Exstrophy Repair Workshop” is the brainchild of Dr. Aseem Shukla and Dr. Richard Grady, both members of of A-BE-C’s Medical Advisory Council. For the past eight years they have assembled the medical team (at their own expense) in India and partnered with one of Asia’s largest hospital, local pediatric urologists and other providers to perform surgeries, provide annual care, and educate others in effective treatment models and systems.

IndiaA-BE-C also provides support and resources to the children and their families before and after surgery. Just $500 covers each child’s medical care for one year.

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