New! Failed Primary Exstrophy Closure Webinar Recording

Failed Primary Exstrophy Closure: Challenges, Management & Prevention
Featuring John. P. Gearhart, MD, Director Pediatric Urology at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center.

Recorded on May 25, 2016 with a live audience. Hosted by Dr. Jeff Niezgoda, Co-Founder of A-BE-C with Pamela Block, A-BE-C’s Executive Director.

Dr. Gearhart provides details about what makes a successful primary exstrophy closure, why some closures fail, how to prevent failed closures, the types of failures and the treatment of failed closures. The recording includes a 45 minute presentation followed by Q&A and is especially relevant for:

  • Parents of children with bladder exstrophy
  • Parents of newly diagnosed or newborns with bladder exstrophy
  • Parents of children living with failed exstrophy closures
  • Pediatric urologists and fellows

A special thank you to WebCME for hosting and producing this event and to A-BE-C’s co-founders, Dr. Jeffrey and Kathleen Niezgoda for their continued support and commitment in making these webinars available.