Global care for bladder exstrophy

The new Uganda Initiative is launching now as part of A-BE-C’s global care for bladder exstrophy.

See how–together–we’re already making an impact in this trailer of our new extraordinary documentary!

Safe, affordable and timely treatment should be a standard of care for anyone in the world born with bladder exstrophy. It is not. In many parts of the world, children born with bladder exstrophy are left untreated, or an attempted repair is unsuccessful, resulting in a lifetime of pain and suffering.

A-BE-C is working with others to change that. You can help.


Annual Operative Workshop in India

Did you know that more children are treated for bladder exstrophy in January than any other month of the year?

That’s because many bladder exstrophy experts from around the world start each year with a trip to Ahmedabad, India for the week-long Operative Workshop on Exstrophy. It’s an international collaboration for education and treatment on bladder exstrophy. Many of the world’s neediest children travel long distances to receive treatment at this unique event.

A-BE-C is proud to be a member of the international team of dedicated pediatric surgeons and other specialists, including: Dr. Douglas Canning, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia – Dr. Mahesh Desai, Muljibhai Patel Urological Hospital  – Dr. Rakesh Joshi, Civil Hospital Ahmedabad – Dr. Anjana Kundu, Nationwide Children’s Hospital – Dr. Paul Merguerian, Seattle Children’s – Dr. Pramod Reddy, Cincinnati Children’s – Dr. Joao Luiz Pippi Salle, Sidra Medical and Research Center – Dr. Aseem Shulka – Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.