Diane Price is a clinical social worker in the Department of Urology at Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH), where she is a is a member of the Bladder Exstrophy Program’s interdisciplinary team. Previously, Diane worked in Patient Relations and the Center for Families at BCH. She is the former chief social worker at the Floating Hospital for Infants and Children and senior social worker in Child Psychiatry at Tufts Medical Center.

Specialty – Ms. Price works with families and their children who are treated for conditions along the epispadias-exstrophy spectrum.

Education – Ms. Price received her MSW from the University of Pennsylvania.

Other – Ms. Price is an advocate for strong patient and family partnerships, careful care coordination, and reducing barriers to optimal health and developmental outcomes. She continues to be inspired by her patients and their families and is grateful for the opportunity to work and learn together with them.