Vicki was introduced to Bladder Exstrophy in 1990 with the birth of her daughter, Grace.  She became a self-taught expert on BE and its treatment before the Internet age by relying on the medical community and her own determination to find the best care for her child.  

This eventually led her to Johns Hopkins Hospital and the late Dr. Jeffs and Dr. Gearhart. Vicki and her husband, Chris, were early supporters of the ABC (legacy organization) and hosted one of the first ABC picnics in the early 90’s.

Vicki graduated from Oklahoma State University and worked for a large pharmaceutical company in sales. She left her professional career to devote her time to raising 3 children and supporting her husband’s corporate career. With every company relocation, Vicki quickly became involved in the children’s school and activities, church and service organizations all the while helping Grace (immediate family too) deal with the social, emotional and medical aspects of Exstrophy.

Vicki and Chris are now empty nesters living in Cypress, Texas. Vicki enjoys gardening, book clubs and traveling, but her passion is to commit her time, talents and funds to support A-BE-C and the Uganda Initiative. She will be  traveling with the medical team to Uganda in 2019. Based on her personal journey with Grace, Vicki desires to be there for families dealing with BE and to expand and promote the resources available through A-BE-C.