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Catheters have improved in the last three years!

If discomfort is an issue, or if it has been more than three years since you’ve reviewed catheters and costs, you’ll likely discover new choices.

Bladder exstrophy patients how have access to a variety of new products that are more comfortable, easy to use and discrete. Hydrophilic catheters, for example, have a special surface that allows for a smoother entry with much less friction than conventional catheters.

“I have been using catheters since I was four years old. After recently trying different samples of catheters, I was able to choose the one I liked best. I am now using a more advanced catheter that is hydrophilic and much better for my mitrofanoff than the ones I was using previously. I am looking forward to the new innovations yet to come.” – Rachel Fisher, recent college graduate born with bladder exstrophy

Find out what the advancements mean to you or your child. Talk to a medical supply provider. And, regardless of your choice of catheter, always practice healthy cathing habits!