Armenia Medical Mission

Planning is underway! Expert pediatric urologists will join a team of 40 doctors and medical experts in Armenia for the 7th Annual Armenia Medical Mission this fall. Two bladder exstrophy patients will be the beneficiaries of this global surgical workshop.

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Dr. Merguerian, at right, in the Arabkir Medical Center OR with a local surgeon

A Mission to Serve

Since 2011, pediatric urologist and A-BE-C Board Chair Paul Merguerian, MD, has taken his skills to Arabkir Medical Center in Yerevan, Armenia, on a medical mission to provide assistance with and management of complicated pediatric urological issues.

In an ongoing collaboration between the Urology division at Seattle Children’s Hospital (SCH), Arabkir Medical Center, and the Advance Armenia Foundation, the goal of the mission participants is to both perform complex surgical procedures and, perhaps more importantly, to train junior doctors how to perform these procedures themselves. Arabkir Medical Center is the largest pediatric medical services provider in Armenia. With your help, two young women with bladder exstrophy will be among those that will receive life-changing surgeries during this workshop.

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Read Their Stories

A Life of Lonliness: Mainouna’s Story

“Imagine the feeling of sleeping on a wet bed every night and to wake up very early to clean it and put it on the roof to dry before people wake up.” 

Missing a Piece of the Puzzle: Khadidja’s Story

Khadidja’s childhood memories are mostly of struggle. She often leaked urine and kids her age always made fun of her. They criticized her for how she walked, and how her thighs never looked as “normal” as theirs.

Help Us Reach Our Goal

“We are practical, we are efficient, we are organized, and we make an impact,”

– Berj Apkarian

A-BE-C has partnered with Berj Apkarian, the Honorary Consul for the Republic of Armenia in Fresno and founder of the Advance Armenia Foundation, to help raise $50,000 to bring these two deserving women from Africa to Armenia this fall as part of the 7th Annual Armenia Medical Mission. 

Dr. Paul Merguerian, a world-renowned urology surgeon and A-BE-C Advisory Board Chair, along with a team of 40 world renown clinicians, will perform various surgeries in October, 2022. The clinicians donate their time, and we are asking for donations to support the travel, hospital room costs and medical supplies for our two bladder exstrophy patients.


Will you help?

Donations can be sent to:

Advance Armenia Foundation

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Advance Armenia Foundation is a 501c3 Charitable Tax Deductible Organization

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