We’re so close! Our number one goal is to obviously make these underwear absorbent, but we also want to make them comfortable, lightweight and affordable. We’ve made the opening larger to reduce the need to add additional seams, and we changed the inside pocket fabric to a laminated, waterproof fabric.

They may not look much different, but these changes made such a big difference in the feel, and the bulk and weight, as well as brought the cost down. We are waiting on a final sample and will hopefully begin production very soon!

Coming Soon!

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BE dry | A-BE-C underwear
Be Dry | A-BE-C Underwear

A-BE-C has created a prototype for bladder exstrophy underwear. The first phase is to raise enough money to buy fabric, elastic and to pay for the labor to create these one of a kind underwear. We are currently seeking investors for our project. Contact us for details or to find out how you can help! And stay tuned for more information about this exciting project!

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