Urinary continence with bladder exstrophy

In order to achieve urinary continence in children with bladder exstrophy, it is important to understand the components that make a child dry, the challenges facing children with bladder exstrophy and the options available to bladder exstrophy patients. more

Bladder Cancer: Facts for bladder exstrophy patients

Understanding the facts about the risks of bladder cancer and how to reduce them are important topics for bladder exstrophy patients and their families. As part of ... more

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) in bladder exstrophy patients

People with bladder exstrophy are at greater risk for developing urinary tract infections. (UTIs). As part of Bladder Health Month, Dr. Ranjiv Mathews, Director of ... more

November is Bladder Health Awareness Month!

Get the Facts, Get Diagnosed and Take Control of Your Bladder Health! A-BE-C is a proud member of the Bladder Health Alliance,  a coalition of groups representing ... more

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A-BE-C's growing library of webinars and presentations on bladder exstrophy is now available through a new subscription program.Become a free or premium subscriber and gain instant access to videos especially for bladder exstrophy patients, parents and health care providers. more

The future of bladder exstrophy care in China

Pediatric urologist Dr. Zhou Huixia (周辉霞) cites gaps in bladder exstrophy care that exist across China, and her plans to designate People’s Liberation Army General Hospital, Beijing as a regional center of excellence for exstrophy surgery. more

A chance encounter leads to groundbreaking bladder exstrophy research

During a recent conversation with the Association for the Bladder Exstrophy Community, Dr. Wei Cheng (郑伟) recounted his chance encounter with bladder malformation in a mouse. This encounter ultimately led an international research team to identify the gene and mechanism that causes bladder exstrophy in humans. Dr. Cheng recalls this journey and the worldwide collaboration that made it possible.  more

Janet Gibson and Joseph B. Redman join A-BE-C's board of directors

We are pleased to announce that Janet Gibson and Joseph B. Redman have joined as the newest members of Association for the Bladder Exstrophy Community’s ... more
Dr. Richard Grady

The bladder exstrophy community says goodbye to Dr. Richard Grady

Dr. Richard Grady saw medicine as part science, part art. It was the cornerstone of his medical practice and his extensive humanitarian work. He embodied this ... more

Johns Hopkins seeking participants with bladder exstrophy for clinical trial

The pediatric urology team at Johns Hopkins is looking for bladder exstrophy patients to participate in a clinical trial. Participants must have a history of ... more

Meet the Texas Bladder Exstrophy Support Group

In 2015, a small group of three families came together to found the Texas Bladder Exstrophy Group. We are an online support group open to families in the ... more

Families in India learn post-surgical care for bladder exstrophy

Among the nearly 100 children who received checkups and medical procedures for bladder exstrophy at the operative workshop in India in January 2017, more than ... more