What's Next?

Our work around the globe continues.
Check out the amazing things our team is working to build to support individuals with exstrophy.

Expanding our Reach

A-BE-C has committed to a five year initiative designed to treat under-served children and adults in resource poor countries and extend access to surgical interventions and other treatments through the training of physicians in Uganda.

Over the past several years, A-BE-C has helped facilitate surgeries for children with bladder exstrophy in Uganda, and trained Ugandan surgeons in India while working with Uro Care Hospital to build a medical facility where children can both undergo surgeries and receive follow up treatment.

The success of this collaboration has led to a five-year initiative with Uro Care Hospital, under the leadership of Dr. Stephen Wayta (Uganda) and Dr. Ranjiv Mathews (USA), in partnership with a US pediatric urological surgical team who are experts in the surgical treatment and ongoing care of bladder exstrophy.

A-BE-C is also working in collaboration with Uro Care Hospital to identify the patients, facilitate the travel and immigration process, provide family educational resources for ongoing treatment, and build awareness of this program to physicians and hospitals to further their training.

Global Care Fundraising

Association for the Bladder Exstrophy Community launched its Global Care Fundraising Campaign in 2016. We strive to be an international support network for patients, families and physicians dealing with bladder exstrophy. Our goal and commitment is to ensure that all people affected by bladder exstrophy have the opportunity to realize their greatest life purpose and potential. With your support we can continue our efforts by providing education, support and resources to the BE community.