Living with Bladder Exstrophy Webinar SeriesBladder exstrophy is complex. It is normal to feel overwhelmed and even have a sense of helplessness when searching for evaluation and treatment. Making information available and understandable to those living with bladder exstrophy is the aim of this ongoing series of webinars.  Each session features a presentation and live question and answer session. Look for new topics every month or two and enjoy recordings to all sessions by joining the A-BE-C mailing list.

Bladders Matter!

Dr. Bradley Kropp, of OKC Kids Urology, talks about how the bladder works and why it’s important for bladder exstrophy.

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2020 Back to School Virtual Conference!

Check out the video from our virtual back to school conference, where we discussed back to school concerns for BE kids and families, talk about Covid related issues, and provide tips for bathroom procedures.

How to Talk About Bladder Exstrophy – Free Webinar Recording

While advances have been made in surgical approaches to the management of exstrophy, less is known about the psychosocial development…

Urinary continence with bladder exstrophy

Dr. Tony Khoury Chief of Pediatric Urology at both Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC) Children’s Urology Center and the University…

Bladder Cancer: Facts for bladder exstrophy patients

Understanding the facts about the risks of bladder cancer and how to reduce them are important topics for bladder exstrophy…

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) in bladder exstrophy patients

People with bladder exstrophy are at greater risk for developing urinary tract infections. (UTIs). As part of Bladder Health Month, Dr.…

Failed Primary Exstrophy Closure Webinar Recording

Dr. Gearhart provides details about what makes a successful primary exstrophy closure, why some closures fail, how to prevent failed closures, the types of failures and the treatment of failed closures. 

Webinar: Long Term Management of Bladder Exstrophy

Dr. Paul Merguerian discusses the management and long term outcomes of children with bladder exstrophy and epispadias, the initial management of pelvic osteotomies, and the goals of long-term management.

Webinar: Exploring the Gene Mutation Discovery

Dr. Heiko Reutter is a world renown researcher in the field of pediatrics and human genetics. In this webinar Dr. Reutter will share his research and insights on the discovery of a genetic mutation associated with bladder exstrophy.

Webinar recording – Preparing your Child for Surgery

In this two-part webinar, Dr. Marlo Eldridge shares her deep experience and expertise and offers specific tips and insights to parents and providers.

Webinar recording – Overview of Bladder Exstrophy

Dr. William Reiner, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Urology at OKC Kids Urology, provides an excellent overview of bladder exstrophy in…