BE Informed About Catheters

The practice of regular catheterization or “cathing” is a necessary habit for many bladder exstrophy patients. Choosing and using the right catheter for body type and lifestyle, maintaining healthy cathing habits and flushing the bladder with a saline solution regularly, as recommended by a doctor are three ways to maintain good health and overall well being.

Can I buy catheters at my local pharmacy without a prescription?

Very few, if any, local pharmacies or drug stores carry catheter supplies Your doctor will need to give you a prescription and you can order them from a medical supply company.

Sometimes there is a little blood on the catheter when I remove my daughter's catheter. Is this normal?

Occasionally, there is a small amount of bleeding if the catheter has irritated the urethra. Usually there is no cause for alarm. Speak to your health professional if the bleeding is continuous or heavy.

How much practice does it take to get comfortable cathing?

It all depends on you or your child. Some people are more squeamish than others or more sensitive internally. It is recommended that you practice a few times before needing to cath outside the home.

8 Healthy Cathing Habits

8 Healthy Cathing Habits   Download the 8 Healthy Cathing Habits poster! It’s a free PDF file that is ready…