These stunning documentaries beautifully capture the stories of our work abroad as part of our Global Care Initiative.

A special thank you to David Pierce for his time and talents in bringing these stories to life.

Video Library

Whether you’re a patient, family member, clinician, student or supporter, A-BE-C’s growing library of videos are available to provide information not otherwise available to many individuals with exstrophy.

These are provided at no charge to ensure that they are available to anyone who may need them. If you’ve found these to be helpful, please consider a donation to allow us to continue creating new resources.

Now Available: 2023 International Exstrophy Conference Videos

Realizing that care for the entire patient – beginning with appropriate surgical counseling and preparation, to psychosocial support and postoperative management – is key to successful outcomes, the sessions focused on the challenges patients and families face through a spectrum of discussions and provide tools to show that BE Doesn’t Limit ME!  

Bladders Matter!

Dr. Bradley Kropp, of OKC Kids Urology, talks about how the bladder works and why it’s important for bladder exstrophy.

2020 Back to School Virtual Conference!

Check out the video from our virtual back to school conference, where we discussed back to school concerns for BE kids and families, talk about Covid related issues, and provide tips for bathroom procedures.

The US-India Bladder Exstrophy Collaborative

Since 2009, a team of surgeons, anesthesiologists, social workers, and other healthcare providers from hospitals in India and the U.S. have worked together to help more children in Asia and Africa receive the complex surgery necessary to address bladder exstrophy.

Re-Released! 2015 International Exstrophy Conference Videos

Sessions from the 2015 conference focused on the medical, social, emotional, and practical aspects of living with exstrophy.

Re-Released! 2016 International Exstrophy Conference Videos

Sessions from the 2016 conference focused on fertility and sexual health for those with bladder exstrophy, research updates, transitional care, how to advocate for school-age children and more.

Our Global Care Initiative

A-BE-C has committed to a five year initiative designed to treat under-served children and adults in resource poor countries and…

Comedian Paul Kerensa Shares Exstrophy Experience

The very entertaining Paul Kerensa recently hosted a funny, relatable, and encouraging show about his journey with exstrophy. The event was live on Facebook, but you can still view it here. Suitable for all ages!

2019 Conference Videos Now Available!

Couldn’t make it to the 2019 Conference? Sessions on coping with exstrophy now available!

Johnson’s Story

Sadly, the beginning of Johnson’s story is one of many – there are hundreds of children just like him that…