Centers of Excellence

Our program is the first to recognize health systems that report meeting the highest standards of treatment for the rare conditions of bladder and cloacal exstrophy, including post-operative and long-term care.

The following designees submitted detailed information demonstrating they are meeting A-BE-C’s rigorous criteria for comprehensive care, delivery, professional education and patient outreach services. Each is required to renew annually and undergo a “Quality Improvement and Evaluation” every five years to maintain the designation.

The list of Centers of Excellence will grow as other centers in the U.S. and other countries that are meeting the standards apply.

2020 Bladder Exstrophy Conference Host

Interested in becoming an A-BE-C Center of Excellence?

The diagnosis of bladder exstrophy is initially devastating and frightening for parents. They are catapulted into the world of complex and chronic health conditions. The ability to find specialized care quickly and easily is in the forefront of mind and many of their primary care physicians, gynecologists, and obstetricians and have never heard of this condition. They reach out to A-BE-C for help.

By becoming a designated Centers of Excellence, you will be helping families and patients quickly find the care and support they need.


The Center of Excellence designation is given out to those facilities/institutions that demonstrate excellent patient care in the areas of bladder and cloacal exstrophy by meeting 10 major criteria.

Application Process

Designation is determined by a consensus of the A-BE-C medical advisory board. The process of COE designation consists of:

  1. Completing and submitting an application with additional documentation
  2. An annual administration fee of $1750.00 USD

COE designation is in effect for five years.

Quality Improvement and Evaluation is to be repeated every 5 years