OKC Kids Urology, under the direction of Dr. Bradley Kropp, is pleased to have established an exclusive collaboration with the INTEGRIS Children’s Hospital at Baptist Medical Center to serve and treat all age groups in the BE community. By combining the strengths of a successful private practice and a children’s hospital, OKC Kids Urology is able to provide patients and their families with high level, personalized care in a convenient and easily accessible office setting combined with the outstanding surgical and in-patient resources of INTEGRIS Children’s Hospital. The relationship between OKC Kids Urology and INTEGRIS Children’s is one of support and holistic resources so that the patients receive exceptional care.

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OKC Kids Urology, in partnership with A-BE-C, and sponsored by the Black Foundation, created the first ever Bladder Exstrophy APP! This on-the-go resource provides quick access to a wide variety of topics, video learning, and contact with specialists who can answer your questions.

OKC Kids Urology

OKC Kids Urology

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Now Available: 2023 International Exstrophy Conference Videos

Realizing that care for the entire patient – beginning with appropriate surgical counseling and preparation, to psychosocial support and postoperative management – is key to successful outcomes, the sessions focused on the challenges patients and families face through a spectrum of discussions and provide tools to show that BE Doesn’t Limit ME!  

Dr. William Reiner Receives 2023 Humanitarian Award

A-BE-C recently presented its Richard W. Grady Humanitarian Award to Dr. William Reiner, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Urology. Dr Reiner, a world-renowned Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, spent his career focused on the psychological aspects of bladder exstrophy. 

Bladders Matter!

Dr. Bradley Kropp, of OKC Kids Urology, talks about how the bladder works and why it’s important for bladder exstrophy.

Re-Released! 2015 International Exstrophy Conference Videos

Sessions from the 2015 conference focused on the medical, social, emotional, and practical aspects of living with exstrophy.

Teens give Dr. Kropp’s first Camp BElieve for bladder exstrophy a thumbs-up!

A handful of teens with bladder exstrophy were recently recruited to try out a new kind of event: a camping…