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Ahmedabad Civil Hospital is a public hospital located in AhmedabadIndia, with facilities for specialised diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitative patient care. The hospital campus spans 110 acres (45 ha) of land and houses the Gujarat Medical Council and Gujarat Nursing Council. It is affiliated to B.J. Medical College in Ahmedabad.It is one of the largest hospitals in Asia with most specialities under one roof .

Civil Hospital News

Gujarat: Indo-US team conducts 18 complex surgeries

A team of paediatric surgeons from the US along with a team from Civil Hospital carried out the “Indo-American Bladder Exstrophy Camp” at Civil Hospital where 18 complex surgeries were carried out on kids from across Gujarat.

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Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad

Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad

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An Exstrophy Journey to India

Rachel Althizer is traveling with A-BE-C for the 2023 International Exstrophy Workshop in Ahmedabad, India, as a social worker to assist children and families with exstrophy as they prepare for surgery.

A-BE-C Partners with Physician Group to Raise over $500,000 to Aid India in Their Fight Against Covid

A-BE-C has teamed up with a group of physicians in a coordinated effort to send much needed oxygen concentrators to partner hospitals in major cities in India, to aid in their continued fight against Covid. India is experiencing the world’s worst outbreak, with 400,000 new cases each day.

The US-India Bladder Exstrophy Collaborative

Since 2009, a team of surgeons, anesthesiologists, social workers, and other healthcare providers from hospitals in India and the U.S. have worked together to help more children in Asia and Africa receive the complex surgery necessary to address bladder exstrophy.

Expanding Our Reach

Over the past 3 years A-BE-C has helped facilitate surgeries for children with bladder exstrophy in Uganda, and trained Ugandan…

The 11th Annual Workshop in Ahmedabad, India Was a Resounding Success

The 11th annual workshop in Ahmedabad, India Was a resounding success thanks to a dedicated international collaboration of medical experts.…

Nearly 100 exstrophy patients receive treatment in Ahmedabad, India

The 9th annual Operative Workshop on Exstrophy and Epispadias Complex got underway just after the first of the year in Ahmedabad, India.…

Groundbreaking International Operative Workshop

A groundbreaking intensive workshop in the treatment of bladder exstrophy-epispadias complex for pediatric urologists and surgeons is taking place in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India on January 16-18. Many of A-BE-C’s Medical Advisory Board members will be on-site faculty and A-BE-C’s Executive Director, Pamela Block, will be on hand providing support to families.