The 11th Annual Workshop in Ahmedabad, India Was a Resounding Success

The 11th annual workshop in Ahmedabad, India Was a Resounding Success thanks to a dedicated international collaboration of medical experts.

For the 5th year, A-BE-C was among the visiting team of 27 pediatric surgeons, nephrologists, anesthesiologists, nurses, social workers, and researchers united in the shared passion for the treating the humbling condition of bladder exstrophy.

A-BE-C plays crucial role in workshop

“Pamela Artigas, the executive director of A-BE-C, is now a multi-year attendee of the workshop and an integral part of what makes our effort successful. As the mother of a child with exstrophy, Pamela intimately knows the daily challenges–joys and sorrows–of this terrible condition, and brings that same empathy, love and compassion to her adopted 100+ children in Ahmedabad! Pamela wears her heart on her sleeves, and we all are witness to the boundless devotion she has in her mission to lighten the burden of this condition on families. A-BE-C has sponsored the travel of multiple surgeons–often with patients–from Uganda and elsewhere to travel to Ahmedabad, and because of these efforts, an initial attempt is being made to replicate the Ahmedabad model in Kampala. We wish that endeavor the very best.” – Dr. Aseem Shukla, past A-BE-C Advisory Board Chair

Pamela Artigas with former patients treated at the workshop

A few more highlights of A-BE-C’s role in the workshop: 

  • Provided one-on-one counseling & emotional support to families
  • Conducted focus group for underwear project so kids can go to school
  • Provided educational sessions to families on the importance of kidney health
  • Translated educational material to be shared with staff and families
  • Launched a private India Facebook page
  • Provided a magic show in the ward to break up monotony
  • Created a camp experience in the ward with educational games, arts and crafts
  • Donated toys and pajamas

Families listening to educational sessions on the importance of kidney health


Children and parents enjoying a magic show


Dr. Pramod Reddy, Cincinnati Children’s                                    Dr. Bruno Leslie and Dr. Pippi Salle


Dr. Moses from Kampala, Uganda receives a warm welcome.               Dr. Courtney Rowe uses white t-shirts to teach bladder & kidney health

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