Nearly 100 exstrophy patients receive treatment in Ahmedabad, India

The 9th annual Operative Workshop on Exstrophy and Epispadias Complex got underway just after the first of the year in Ahmedabad, India. Nearly 100 exstrophy patients received treatment from an international team of experts. Patients and their families made journeys from all over India to the Main Civil Hospital for surgery, check-ups and other procedures.

Several other doctors traveled from other parts of the world to gain valuable hands-on training under the guidance of the world’s experts in this rare condition. Dr. Rakesh Joshi, Professor & Head of the Department of Pediatric Surgery at the Main Civil Hospital welcomed surgeons from China, Nova Scotia, Spain and Uganda to take part and observe more than 10 repair surgeries that were performed during the five day event.

An estimated 600 babies are born with bladder exstrophy in India each year, compared with 80-100 in the United States. Ahmedabad Civil Hospital is one of Asia’s largest hospitals, serving a population of more than 60 million people. Because it provides free healthcare, it draws patients from all parts of India, as well as from other developing countries.

We are thankful for the international team of bladder exstrophy experts–including core team members Dr. Douglas Canning, Dr. Rich Grady, Dr. Rakesh Joshi, Dr. Joao Luis Pippi Salle, Dr. Aseem Shulka and Dr. Pramod Reddy–for working together to provide treatment, share best practices and learn from one another so that children can receive the same level care no matter where they live.

A-BE-C had a significant role in the workshop. A-BE-C’s Pamela Block was on site at the Civil Hospital. You’ll find her updates on A-BE-C’s Facebook page.