November is Bladder Health Awareness Month!

Get the Facts, Get Diagnosed and Take Control of Your Bladder Health!

A-BE-C is a proud member of the Bladder Health Alliance,  a coalition of groups representing physicians, patients and veterans that have teamed up to support Bladder Health Month.

“It’s important for us to normalize the conversation about bladder health conditions.”

Each day, millions of people struggle with the impacts of such bladder conditions and disease, including many of issues associated with bladder exstrophy, such as urinary incontinence, urinary tract infections, pelvic floor relapse, bladder stones and bladder cancer. Bladder conditions can have a significant impact on an individual’s health and quality of life, and result in substantial health costs (estimated to be more than $70 billion per year).

“It’s important for us to normalize the conversation about bladder health conditions,” says Harris M. Nagler, MD, President of the Urology Care Foundation. “Many people are too embarrassed to talk about their bladder health symptoms so they go unreported or untreated – they don’t realize these symptoms and conditions can be controlled or corrected through simple lifestyle changes, behavior modifications or diet and exercise.”

To support participation in Bladder Health Month, a number of downloadable resources – including fact sheets, posters, social media messages and patient brochures – will available from A-BE-C and other members of the Alliance on the Urology Care Foundation and AUA websites.

Bladder health patients, caregivers, educators, urologists, healthcare professionals and other interested parties are encouraged to check the websites frequently for new resources as they are made available.  Additionally, the Foundation, AUA and organizations within the Bladder Health Alliance will use the following weekly themes to connect, educate and inspire people across the country to get the facts, get diagnosed and take control of their Bladder Health. A wide variety of bladder health support materials are now available at:  and