Girl Version: “A Story About You and Your Special Bladder”


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A Story About You was written for the young child (aged 3 to 6) who is becoming curious about bladder exstrophy and their physical differences. With delightful illustrations and age-appropriate language, A Story About You introduces the child to bladder exstrophy using the approach that all of our bodies are unique and special. The book explains, in simple terms, how the bladder works, what exstrophy is, and the possibility of future surgery as the child grows. By design, the book is general, giving caregivers the opportunity to tailor discussion to the child’s specific circumstances.

A Story About You lays the groundwork for good conversation and the development of healthy self image. Help your child learn that BE is something that makes them unique and special!

A Story About You can also be shared with siblings or trusted friends to help them understand their loved one’s differences.

Available in Boy and Girl versions.

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