A-BE-C Makes an Impact

Marlo Eldridge, Pamela Artigas, AUA, bladder health

Marlo Eldridge, DNP, CPNP, Director of the Voiding Improvement Program at Johns Hopkins Hospital and Pamela Artigas, Executive Director of A-BE-C, advocate for bladder health awareness on Capitol Hill, October 2018.

A-BE-C Advocates for Bladder Exstrophy Awareness and Education

The Urology Care Foundation leads a coalition of 30 patient and physician advocacy organizations that work to advance bladder health awareness and education. For the past 4 years, A-BE-C has been a part of this dedicated alliance advocating on behalf of our community.

In 2016, the Bladder Health Alliance was successful in proclaiming November as Bladder Health Month on Healthfinder.gov and securing House and Senate Resolutions that support the designation of November as “National Bladder Health Month” in the United States.

The Bladder Health Alliance Needs Your Input!

A-BE-C has been asked to sit on a panel of School Bathroom Policies and Promoting Bladder Health Education and we would like your input. Please take a moment to answer 4 short questions about your experience with school bathroom policies.