Alves to India

Alves to India | ABEC

Late in the day at a makeshift ‘medical mission’ clinic in the Bahamas as the doors were closing for the day, a family hesitantly knocked on the door. Judging by the looks on their faces, the volunteer nurses knew they were desperate for help. Avles, an adorable five year old boy stood before them – they could smell him before they met him. Alves’ father, Lucner, out of desperation and faith asked if they would see his child, not really expecting they could do anything.

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Keep On Keeping On

We recently had the rare opportunity to get some words of wisdom from Australian, Tom Flood, who was born in 1930 with bladder exstrophy. In those days, very little was known about bladder exstrophy and no treatment options were available. His parents were told that Tom was not expected to survive and if he was not in pain, just to leave things as are. But Tom had other plans! 

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A-BE-C Partners with Physician Group to Raise over $500,000 to Aid India in Their Fight Against Covid

A-BE-C has teamed up with a group of physicians in a coordinated effort to send much needed oxygen concentrators to partner hospitals in major cities in India, to aid in their continued fight against Covid. India is experiencing the world’s worst outbreak, with 400,000 new cases each day.

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