Janet has been advocating for vulnerable children in Uganda since 2009 when she first visited Uganda in support of a non-profit charity working with AIDS related orphans. In 2010, she moved to Jinja, Uganda with her husband Paul and their youngest daughter to volunteer with the local staff of Children of Grace serving orphans through education, medical and ‘after school’ programs. It was during this time that Janet first met Solomon, a child born with Cloacal Exstrophy. Since no medical support was available in Uganda, and with his life in jeopardy, Janet advocated for Solomon to get proper surgical care first in Kenya, and subsequently in Canada.

After an early career in the Airlines industry working for American Airlines, Janet retired to devote her time and talents in raising her four children, Meagan, Andrew, Phillip and Cassidy – while her husband Paul pursued his career in the corporate world of Information Technology.

Following her return from Africa, with her children now grown, Janet has had the time to continue her non-profit work in serving ‘the least of these’ both in Africa as well her local community. While living in the San Francisco bay area, she actively served with a local non-profit organization supporting homeless women on the streets of San Francisco. She continues to advocate for and support Solomon and his family in his continued medical needs associated with his cloacal exstrophy condition, along with other children with urological needs that were being ‘found’ in Uganda by Solomon’s mom as she become more knowledgeable and experienced in treating and living with ‘exstrophy’ kids. She is also involved with the SKB Foundation and its work bringing the arts to underprivileged school children in communities across the U.S.

Janet brings a compassionate heart and the decades of experience in raising her family while living in many parts of the US as well as Uganda to her work in advocating for vulnerable kids. While pursuing these passions, she also finds lots of time to enjoy her two young grandsons, as well as her passion for the creative arts through pottery.

Janet attended Colorado Christian University, where she majored in Organizational Project Management. She and her husband, Paul now reside in Lakewood Colorado since relocating from the San Francisco bay area in California in 2014. Their youngest daughter will graduate from Colorado State University in 2018.